ZP104-Three-in-One Portable Multifunctional Travel Neck Pill

Name:Three-in-One Portable Multifunctional Travel Neck Pillow Color:Blue/Black/Green/Red/Orange Style:Outdoor Travel Size:153*85cm Material:Nylon Fabric/Polyester N.W:240g Packaging : opp bag MOQ:1000pcs( each color) ---------------------
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 Name:Three-in-One Portable Multifunctional Travel Neck Pillow
 Style:Outdoor Travel
 Material:Nylon Fabric/Polyester
 Packaging : opp bag
 MOQ:1000pcs( each color)

1.Multi-function Neck Support neck pillow (U-Shaped Pillow + scarf + blanket 3 in 1 complete a set).
2.Nylon fabric + fleece soft and comfortable, colorful color;
3.New material production of PVC liner, transparent air nozzle, environmental protection, non - toxic, can be put
4.Heart with mouth blowing, three breath can blow full;
5.The liner and jacket are detachable for easy cleaning and carrying
6.The neck pillow has a built-in airbag, can be used in conjunction with the blanket after inflation
7.The outside of the headrest is anti-splashing technology, and the anti-splashing coating  can effectively prevent dirt.